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Feast of the Lord of Miracles (Senor De Los Milagros)

Click here for El Senor De Los Milagros Image

Dear Friends in Christ, we are gathered today to uphold the Unity we have in Jesus Christ our Lord, upholding our common faith in the midst of the many blessings we receive.

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Lord Of Miracles. In this Icon, Christ is shown enduring the pain of crucifixion. Above the cross is the Holy Spirit and God the Father. Below and to the right of Jesus is his mother, the Virgin Mary with her heart pierced by a metaphorical sword of sorrow and to her right at the foot of the cross is St Mary Magdalene.

It was painted by a black slave in the 17th century. Its name originated in a massive earthquake in the 18th century, which destroyed most of the city leaving only that mural standing up.

It was believed to have cured many people around the world.

Every year, in October, hundreds of thousands of faithful from all races and economic backgrounds celebrate the Lord of Miracles in a religious procession through the streets of Lima in Peru. The boulevards are dressed in purple to celebrate on October 18, 19 and 28th Lord of Miracles his annual procession through the streets of Lima.

Without doubt the earthquakes experienced by Lima, Peru during the 17th and 18th Centuries contributed to the beginning, the growth and the solidification of devoted veneration to the mural known as The Lord of Miracles.

This miracle is similar to the one we had in this Church when the image of our Holy Child (Sto Nino) withstood the fire of 2004without any damage where everything inside the Church was burned.

The Lord of Miracles is our Fiesta. We celebrate the presence of God and His people from many tribes and nations uplifting our common goal of “One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of All”

Let us therefore go as one people praising God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.







1:00 p. m. to 4:00 p. m.


777 Southgate Avenue, Daly City, CA 94015

Tel: 650-991-1560

Emergency tel #: 650-534-5831 Rev. Leonard Oakes  E-mail:








HCSM Graduates 2012

Congratulations to all the graduates:

Post Graduate

Rev. Jon Owens, Deacon


Shiena Lyn Dayrit

High School

Jasmine Dayrit, AJ David, Keri Somebang, Bryan Hass

Middle School

James Milanes, Ethan Vergara, Angel Dayrit


Kirstine Pailano, Heather Oakes, Geri Mack, Gelie Mack, Regine Villalon,

Robert Milanes, Periena Pumacayo


The Rev. Dr. Lynn Bowdish, Associate Priest at HCSM to be inducted into the hall of fame

This year the Commission on the Status of Women will induct 6 women into the Hall of Fame and recognize 2  young women as “Young Women of Excellence”   The Episcopal Church can celebrate two of these positions:

The Rev. Dr. Lynn Eastman Bowdish will be inducted into the Hall of Fame because of her work as an Episcopal priest within the community.  Dr. Bowdish has been active within the community since 1959 . Since her ordination in 1978 she has served In San Bruno, South San Francisco, Daly City and throughout northern San Mateo County. As a lifelong promoter of healthy living she was active in the formation of many community projects including Seton Medical Center Community Advisory Committee, the Rota-Care Free Clinic, the Seton Home Health Committee, Daly City Access and Healthy Aging Response Team, Mental Health projects in Daly City, and Shelter Networks Family project in Daly City among others. After age 72 she continues to work with the Rev. Leonard Oakes and the community at Holy Child and St. Martin Daly City. She will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on March 22nd at 6:30 PM at the South San Francisco Conference Center.

Karen Chee of St. Ambrose, Foster City has been chosen as one of the two Young Women of Excellence. She is junior at San Mateo High School whose contagious energy and love of life lifts those around her.  She serves as an acolyte in her church in addition to her excellent academic accomplishments and leadership within her school , serving for a third term as Class President. She is Club President of the San Mateo Chapter of the Junior Statesman of America, co-secretary of the San Mateo County Youth Commission and Vice-Chair of the Foster City Youth Advisory Committee.

Our Family, Our Future /Domestic Violence Seminar


June 25, 2011, Holy Child and St. Martin Daly City.

Delivered by Kumare Nellie Hizon, Vice Chair, SF Archdiocesan Pastoral Council

The God we believe in is a God of love, of life, and of hope.

 From the beginning, God seeks to share bliss and perfect joy with human beings, and that is the Divine plan.  We are even created in His own image.  Scriptures have always shown us the love of the Father.  We have not seen the Father, but we know Him through His only Son, Jesus.  This relationship is the first and primary concept of our understanding of a family.  It is where God, where love resides.

 Regretfully, what separates us from experiencing this Divine love, from knowing God more deeply, is caused by our own failing.  By its very nature, this failing, the incorrect choice of action, is what brings its own disconcerting state, sorrow and pain, not that God willed it for us.  God does not prescribe punishment, or exact violence.  Neither anyone should.

 Then when humanity failed, the Father sent His Son to bring us back to Him.

 In Edna’s testimony, when her own mother failed to show love, several people stepped up to be her family: aunts, uncles, neighbors, her husband, moved to bring love and healing to her hurting and wounded being.  Family extends beyond our own homes.

 The Church, for many of us, is a big part of our family.  It is where we learn what Jesus taught us (Jn 15:9): “...As the Father loves me, so I also love you…”  The Lord Jesus reiterated His new commandment (Jn 15:12): “…Love one another as I love you…”

 This love is based on mutual respect, mutual understanding, and mutual devotion.  This is the model that describes true relationship.  This is the foundation of all relationships.  Every faith culture that I know instructs this.  There is no violence or abuse component in expressing one’s love.

 Everyone deserves to be safe and to live without fear.  As the Church teachings emphasize the dignity of human person, we could bring the dark secret of violence into the light of the Gospel truth.  We could bring love back to our families when there is pain, abuse and violence.

 How can we, as parishioners, believers, and churchgoers, help? 

  1. Be a good, engaged listener, with empathy and without any judgment.
  •  Among the reasons many are uncomfortable getting involved in domestic abuse and violence, is that, we do not know what to say, or what to do.  
  •  Know that if issues are technical, such as a need for medical, legal, or security assistance, we may refer them to resources/agencies that are available.  It is important to have information where they can be directed.  Several of them are in the hall downstairs today:  Seton Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Health Plan of San Mateo, Bay Area Legal Aid…
  •  Or, if you are receiving personal information, be a good listener, be sensitive, and let them know that help is available.  You may say something like:
  •  I will listen to what you have to say.
  • I will let you know where you can turn for help.
  • God does not hate you or want you to live this way.
  • Your job is to decide what will help you, and when, and how to act.
  •  Note that as we listen, we do not blame the victim, we assume nothing.
  • We treat information received as confidential, and that helps build trust and safety.
  • We may search for resource materials to help us respond to disclosures.
  •  It helps to have policies for prevention and intervention.  Let us establish protocols and procedures for addressing family concerns and issues.
  1. Another way is to be engaged in and informed of ongoing activities providing assistance:

 In 2008, USCCB surveyed all dioceses to learn about programs and activities undertaken to address domestic violence.  Some of those activities include:

  •  Providing links to community resources (e.g. safe houses, counseling)
  • Setting up informational display
  • Conducting educational forum
  • Organizing a day of reflection for survivors
  • Holding Interdenominational prayer service
  • Integrating in religious education curriculum information to educate children and youth in “right relationships” and what to do when something isn’t right in a relationship
  • Maintaining a garden at a local shelter as they teach healthy relationship concepts through discussion and activities.

 In addition, we can be certain that various churches and faith groups have similar activities and programs, like the Health and Wellness Program at this Episcopal Church, and those of the Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul Society, among others.

 1. As a church group, promote activities and informational sessions within your parish: 

  • Provide/host trainings for pastoral ministers (in addition to clergy) which help create support ministries.
  • Encourage youth group activities that will discuss healthy relationships.
  • Organize committees on parenting that provide ongoing leadership and oversight, as well as guidance to couples, parents, and caregivers.
  • Develop ways to help survivors and children after leaving the shelter.

 The faith community is a vital lifeline for giving hope, saving lives, preventing abuse, building safe and healthy relationships, homes and communities.  We are members of one big human family, and we can make a difference in the world if we work together.

 As often as we can, remind ourselves, and everyone that we are made to God’s image and likeness, created to share the bliss and perfect joy of God’s abounding love.  He wills and finds a Way for us to be home.

 I am proud to say that I was involved in this annual spring event, Our Family, Our Future, when ALLICE first presented it five years ago, upon the directive of the Most Rev. George Niederauer, who had just become the Archbishop of San Francisco.

 Today I am elated to see the movement for healthy families grow and welcomed by the Episcopal Church.  I am happy to invite Mariterie Adams, president of Holy Child & St. Martin Episcopal Church Women, to enunciate the wellness program of this caring faith community.

Benefit concert for Japan raised $2,525.00


Holy Child and St. Martin Daly City

In partnership with

Christ Church Sei Ko Kai SF

And in Collaboration with

Asian Commission in the Diocese of California

 Had a successful Benefit Concert For Northern Japan

on April 2, 2011 at Holy Child and St. Martin Episcopal Church in Daly City.


The concert was well attended by different organizations, and faith communities in the bay area such as the BIBAK of Northern California, Seton Medical center staff, Freemasons of California, Doelger Senior Center, Peninsula Clergy Network, United Methodist Church, St. James Episcopal Church SF, Peninsula Episcopal Area Ministry, Daly City community and others.

 The benefit concert was able to raise $2, 525.00

 Thanks to Aurora Mandolin Orchestra, Lyle Richardson, Tommy and Amy Occhito with their New Orleans Saxophone and Interpretive dance, Leo Calahan and his trumpet crew, Native Brew of SF, Uncle experience band, Grupong Pendong, HCSM band and Choir.

 To Officer Matt Lucett Chief Planning Officer of the Fire Department North County Fire Authority who made us all aware and prepared on Emergency needs.

 To Holy Child and St. Martin members and all who made this cause possible, Thank you!!!

 You may watch a partial video of the concert by visiting and search for urmaganda then click on benefit concert for japan























Thank you!!!

 to the Aurora Mandolin Orchestra

Lyle Richardson, Leo Calahan, Tommy Occhito & Amy Cappels-Occhito

Janus Ananayo, Native Brew & Beats Mundo of San Francisco

Conrad Marzan & Richard Arandia

Chat Coloma-Aban & Pendong Aban, Bobby and Rev. Wilson De Ocera (UMC)

Meggs Meru Jr.

Fr. Leonard Oakes, Jhune Guillermo, Roly Leonor, Kerri Somebang, Joshua Oakes

HCSM Choir, Sadje Guillermo Director & Charles Corpuz, pianist

HCSM Episcopal Church Women

HCSM Young Mothers and Youth

Mariterie Adams & Fina Pengosro

Lyn Concepcion, slide shows

Jim Adams, Aldwin Pailano, Leonardo Pailano, Sobrena Somebang, Aliping family

The Rev. Dr. Lynn Bowdish, Lois Downs & Teresa Orin

Sei Ko Kai Episcopal Church of SF, Rev. Stina Pope

Asian Commission in the Diocese of California

BIBAK of Northern California

Freemasons of California

City of Daly City

Officer Matt Lucett, Disaster & preparedness

Seton Medical Center, Jan Kamman

Doelger Senior Center

New Haven Home Health Inc.

“Diway” By Leonard Oakes

Please Click on this link to hear the song: Diway 

Here’s a sample song I composed and arranged which I will be singing at the benefit concert for Northern Japan earthquake and Tsunami victims. This is without the percussions yet and other voices. please copy and paste above link. Thanks


By Leonard Oakes

 Sallidumma ay diway, salidumma ay diway

She carries Banga on her head, pounding rice for daily bread

while baby Diway sleeps with a blanket on her back

He wears Ba-ag around his waist, carries spear to hunt a prey

comes home late at night with a wild boar on his shoulder, singing

Dong-dong-ay si dong i lay, insina li dumma-ay

Diway turned 18 when she left dear town

to far away city she found another home

But life here in the city is nothing like home

it’s always been so busy she misssed dancing the pattong

Dong-dong ay si dong i lay, insina li dumma-ay

She took the plane bound home after 15 years

with a little baby girl and a blanket on her back

The whole tribe gathered ’round the fire

to celebrate love and life

drinking basi and rice wine while dancing the gangsa, singing

Dong dong ay si dong i lay, insina li dumma ay

Salidumma ay diway, salidumma ay diway

dong dong ay di dong ilay, insina li dumma ay