Christ the King Sunday

“Christ the King”

Matthew 25:31-46

 The Rev. Leonard Oakes

HCSM Daly City


35 more days!! 35 more days to go and it’s Christmas!! I can’t wait to sing my favorite song:

 “I’m dreaming of IPad Computer, It’s every preacher’s prayer these days.  I hope someone will listen and someone will give soon. Life will be merry and bright, I don’t have to print my sermons anymore”

That’s a result of not having the chance to sing last night with the Aurora Mandolin Orchestra and all the great singers. I’m just singing out loud and I plan to sing that song every Sunday hoping to un-wrap a wonderful gift this Christmas.

By the way, last night’s concert was a blast success!! Thanks to all the donors and supporters of the event. Everybody did a great job with all the tasking. The group commented that HCSM is a great community. Thanks be to God for this community of love. God’s kingdom continues to reign in this wonderful Church.

Today is the last Sunday of Pentecost. We are now entering into the season of Advent, a season to slow down and be more listening and paying attention to the coming of Christ the King.

It was said that the power behind every great husband is a smart wife. A story is told about husband who was boasting to his friends: “You know, in my house I am the king, and whenever my wife and I have a quarrel, my wife does the kneeling!” Upon overhearing this, the wife said: “You know why I kneel down? I kneel down to look for him under our bed where he is hiding!”

Today, we celebrate the feast of Christ the King. Jesus reminds us that He
alone is our King. Those of us who consider ourselves as kings, or act as
wannabe kings would do well to remember that on judgment day, all of us will be judged not so much by our power,
wealth, or stature, but by the good deeds we have done to one another.

It is a reality that no one stays at the top forever. The law of earth gravity says, “What comes up must come down” How futile are all our human efforts to hold on to power and influence, and hold on to life itself! Those who think of themselves or make of themselves kings or queens will sooner or later find out that earthly glory is passing and worldly power is fleeting. Save yourself and your family the trouble. The sooner you stop playing God, the better.

The Koreans have a beautiful custom of not harvesting all the fruits of a tree in autumn so that the birds will have something to eat in the forthcoming cold winter. This surely is an example worth emulating. They consider the needs of the helpless, the needy and the little ones. How much more should we, so-called Christians! We must be considerate, thoughtful, sensitive to the needs of the people around us, and respond generously. We must be on the lookout for ways and means to carry out the visions of Christ the King to serve humanity, and to preserve Mother Nature.

The spirit of Christmas is around us. As we busy ourselves to make Christmas happen in our own homes, please set aside something to make Christmas happen in the lives of other people.

 The best way to evaluate our Christian life is to kneel before Christ our King, and in humility ask Him how we are, and how we are doing. May we learn to be open, obedient and submissive to our King who made all things possible.

Tomorrow, our volunteers for the feeding the homeless program will be preparing bags of sandwiches and water, ready to seek the streets of San Francisco for the real poor in our society. Those who are pushing carts and carrying black garbage bags with their unwashed clothing; those who sleep on cardboards, they are the real homeless. Not those who beg on the streets with signs while they are smoking cigarettes.

After drawing fasting blood specimen on one of my patients in San Francisco, I drove into McDonald drive way on 3rd street for my breakfast when a pan handler was waiting with a sign, “Hungry, spare a change.” I ordered an extra burrito for the man but when I offered him the burrito, he refused and said “I need change” I wasn’t sure if he had enough breakfast burrito that morning from other customers or he is on diet or simply knows that fast food is not good for the health hence he doesn’t need another burrito. As I turn on the next street, a man was lying at the corner with just a cardboard and a thick blanket. I parked and offered him the burrito. He sat down and said, “Thank you and God bless you.”

There are so many real people in need in our society, let us give and share what we are blessed with. Jesus said, “Whatever you’ve done to the least of my people, you’ve done it for me.”

There are so many things to be thankful! We are blessed! So many in our world lack many of the things we take for granted. And it is all a gift from God. Give thanks then to God who is the author of all our blessings. Remember the bounty that was being celebrated at the first Thanksgiving  was made possible by the Native Americans who helped the Europeans in their hour of need.

HCSM continues to be connected with different charitable organizations like Seton Medical Center in Daly City. Did you know that Seton’s Daughters of Charity is spending millions of dollars giving free services to the uninsured and the poor of Daly City community and beyond? We are also blessed to be an ally of ALLICE Alliance on campaign against domestic violence and strive for better family and community. We are partners with San Mateo County
Health and Environment concerns. We have expanded our connections with the Peninsula Clergy Network on issues of health, disaster management and others. We have increased in volunteers in our bread for the community program every Monday morning and have expanded our health and wellness program providing free Taichi and Zumba sessions. We plan to expand our free blood pressure monitoring to the community. Our children ministry plan to entertain seniors at convalescent hospitals and senior centers with their cultural dance and music. We now have connections with YMCA to expand the knowledge of our youth and young adult. We have connections!! By coordinating our efforts and pooling our resources there is much we can do the least of God’s people.

With these tasks we have at hand, I invite you all to enter into the season of advent with prayers and meditations and continue to sing your songs to Christ our King. Amen.


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