Christmas Eve Message

Christmas Eve Sermon
Rev. Leonard Oakes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
In what sense would this be the most wonderful time of the year if we don’t put our lives into perspective?

We have been waiting, preparing, quietly listening and yearning for the birth of the promised one. Our Lord Jesus Christ is about to come again in our hearts and lives, but would the Child Jesus find our hearts clean enough to welcome him? Or is it still filled with clutters, of bitterness and emptiness, without love and forgiveness?

One more day, one more meaningful day is given to us to repent and be of unity with one another and put things into perspective.

How do we do that?

There was a wonderful athlete, Leroy, at this college that everyone loved. Leroy was sociable, helpful, caring, always trying to help others … but was not the brightest person.

Everyone – faculty, coaches, students – came to the Dean of the college and said: “You have to find a way to let Leroy graduate!” So, the Dean got people together and designed a special “graduation exam” for this special person.

He called Leroy into his office, explained that he can only graduate if he can answer three questions.
Leroy agreed and the Dean asked him the 3 questions on the exam:

1. How many seconds are there in a year?
Leroy replied: Difficult, means lots of math, figuring – I will tell you the answer tomorrow?
Dean said: ​OK (since didn’t have agreement on time)
2. How many days of the week start with “T”?
Leroy: Difficult, spelling and letters – I’ll tell you tomorrow?
3. How many “ds” are there in Rudolph?
Leroy: Difficult – music and math .. tomorrow?

Next day, Leroy returns and the Dean asked the same questions:
1. How many seconds are there in a year?
Leroy: ​12.
Dean:​​How get that?
Leroy: ​January 2nd, Feb. 2nd …
Dean:​Guess you are right – pass

2. How many days of the week start with “T”? Now you may guess here?
Leroy said: ​2.
Dean:​That’s correct. But how did you come to that?
Leroy: ​Today and Tomorrow.

3. How many “ds” are there in Rudolph?
Leroy: Most difficult ? – kept coming up with different numbers; going over and over it. But I decided that answer is: 274.
Dean:​274?! How did you come up with that?
Leroy: Started counting … sings “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” song: DDDDDDDDDDDD

Tonight is the night when we must put everything in our lives into perspective. We may not arrive there with the same answer but we are resolved that we will move on to the next level, to a New Year without being stuck in the mud. No more hatred, no more hurting, no more selfishness, but only love and forgiveness. For The Lord is upon us. He is here to wipe all our tears, carries us through these difficult times, if we only allow him to dwell among us. Prepare God a room in your hearts, just as you clean up your houses for an expected visitors, let us clean up our hearts and minds for The Lord is here to dwell in our lives and in our hearts.

Tonight is the night where we must put everything in our lives into perspective.

We have grown stronger for the year 2013. let there be no reasons for us to go back to where we once stumbled but instead move forward, for there is no time to waste, the end is coming and it is near.
God has shown us numerous miracles in this place, with all the programs we all came to support.

We have learned that we are called in this place for a purpose, not only for this community, but also to our neighbors, our country and the world. We are being woven by God to become a beautiful tapestry. Do you feel it? Do you see what I see? Open your hearts, just try to open it with no hesitations. Let God come in to plant a seed of love in your lives tonight and let God grow that love until it is brightly shown in your smiles and in your dwelling together in unity.

Let go, let go of the bitter past, let live, let live of that what is growing inside which God has sown so that His Son Jesus Christ may come in into that room you prepared for Him where Love dwells forever.

Receive Christ now by sharing peace to each other.

The Peace of Lord be always with you! (And I deserve a response in return)
Let us all get up and move around and share God’s peace to each other. Amen

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