Confirmation class at Holy Child and St. Martin

Dear all, I am posting a message from Jon Owens regarding our upcoming confirmation class this coming February. Please note that ages to be confirmed are 12 years old and older.

Please note that this is a 7 sundays class beginning February 5 and culminating on the 14th of April confirmation day at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Candidates will have to devote their days and times on these following dates:


Confirmation class

Are you wanting to be confirmed? Are you from another church and wish to officially join the Episcopal Church? Have you been away from the church and want to renew your commitment to God and the church? If so then please join our confirmation class.

This interactive class will be for ages 12 to adult. Each class will be after church from 12:30pm-2:30pm. Also there will be a confirmation retreat that will take place on a Saturday.

Please observe the following schedule as it is important to attend these in order to be confirmed:

Sunday Feb. 5- Baptism and Confirmation: Beginnings

Sunday Feb. 19- The Bible: Stories about Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Sunday Feb. 26- Knowing Our History

Sunday March 11- Faith: What Do We Believe?

Saturday March 17- (Time and place TBD): The Sacraments: Signs of

Grace- Spirituality: Created for Prayer What Is God Calling You to Do?

Sunday Apr. 1st- Worship: Responding to God’s Blessings

Sunday Apr. 8th- Navigating the Church: From Parish

Saturday Apr. 14th- Confirmation @ Grace Cathedral

Sunday Apr. 15th HCSM confirmation party


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