“Diway” By Leonard Oakes

Please Click on this link to hear the song: Diway 

Here’s a sample song I composed and arranged which I will be singing at the benefit concert for Northern Japan earthquake and Tsunami victims. This is without the percussions yet and other voices. please copy and paste above link. Thanks


By Leonard Oakes

 Sallidumma ay diway, salidumma ay diway

She carries Banga on her head, pounding rice for daily bread

while baby Diway sleeps with a blanket on her back

He wears Ba-ag around his waist, carries spear to hunt a prey

comes home late at night with a wild boar on his shoulder, singing

Dong-dong-ay si dong i lay, insina li dumma-ay

Diway turned 18 when she left dear town

to far away city she found another home

But life here in the city is nothing like home

it’s always been so busy she misssed dancing the pattong

Dong-dong ay si dong i lay, insina li dumma-ay

She took the plane bound home after 15 years

with a little baby girl and a blanket on her back

The whole tribe gathered ’round the fire

to celebrate love and life

drinking basi and rice wine while dancing the gangsa, singing

Dong dong ay si dong i lay, insina li dumma ay

Salidumma ay diway, salidumma ay diway

dong dong ay di dong ilay, insina li dumma ay

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